We’ll get you out of a jam with our exceptional tow trucks

Burell and Sons Towing Services Co. provides drivers in St. Augustine, Florida with reliable, timely light-to-heavy-duty towing services.

Light-duty Towing

We promise our light-duty towing services will be dependable and secure. No matter where you are in Burell and Sons Towing Services Co., we can help.

Medium-duty Towing

Our staff will handle your recreational vehicle or semi-truck with the utmost care. Please get in touch with us if you require assistance with a medium duty tow at any time.

Heavy-duty Towing

Got involved in an accident on the road or did your truck get stopped in traffic? You may rely on Burell and Sons Towing Services Co. experts to perform heavy-duty towing duties with efficiency.


Burell and Sons Towing Services Co. offers every kind of roadside assistance and towing support that your car needs. You can feel secure in the knowledge that our team of experts is available to you around the clock and will respond as soon as possible with the best solution for any kind of help.

About Us

When you have your car towed, Burell and Sons Towing Services Co. provides you with prompt, friendly, and trustworthy towing assistance. Furthermore, our towing service operators possess the knowledge, comprehension, and skills necessary to handle your specific towing issue.

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Call us at (904) 495-7889 for reliable towing and roadside assistance; we will be happy to provide you with the quickest assistance possible.

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